Caring for Chickens in Winter

Healthy chickens are quite hardy in normal winter weather conditions, here are some tips to help keep them happy in winter: Combs and wattles are susceptible to frost bite damage during freezing weather, smear with Vaseline to prevent this from happening. Pieces of carpet or an old duvet on top of the hen-house roof will stop heat escaping. Avoid … Continue reading Caring for Chickens in Winter

How to Deal with a Damaged Chicken Claw

It's fair to say I've experienced my fair share of chicken problems, ranging from feather pecking, fatal diseases, egg related issues and the dark side of chickens known as cannibalism. You name it and I've probably seen it or heard about it from my chicken-keeping pals. Early this morning I dealt with what seems to be a common … Continue reading How to Deal with a Damaged Chicken Claw

Chicken Health – Red Mite

Occasionally I look at my site stats to see which search terms are finding my blog. I tend to see a lot of chicken/poultry related queries and questions, so I thought I would write about one of the biggest problems poultry keepers sometimes face -  the dreaded red mite. Carried by wild birds, red mite are tiny … Continue reading Chicken Health – Red Mite

Chicken Health – Droppings

Keeping chickens in the garden is rewarding and can be educational too if you have young children helping with their day-to-day needs. But, as with all animals, from time to time chickens can become ill. Apart from the classic signs that a chicken is unwell - fluffed up feathers, hunched posture, eyes closed etc you may be … Continue reading Chicken Health – Droppings

Bumblefoot and Lily’s Blue Shoes

One of our hens has been lying down a lot more than usual during the day, prompting us to check her feet. We discovered this morning that both feet had brown scabs in the middle of each foot pad. This, along with swelling between the toes, are classic symptoms of bumblefoot. Naturally, this was the reason for her being reluctant to … Continue reading Bumblefoot and Lily’s Blue Shoes