Growing Happy Carrots

We haven't done very well with growing carrots at the allotment, our plot in its 3rd year of being worked (previously uncultivated land) is still quite troublesome in places due to heavy clay soil. Carrots prefer light soil, growth will become stunted if grown in heavy soil resulting in stumpy carrots come harvest time. Some of our raised … Continue reading Growing Happy Carrots

How I Support Peas

I love seeing peas scrambling up natural pea sticks, tiny tendrils stretching out, curling tightly around their rustic support like miniature green springs. However, when it comes to supporting taller and heavier cropping peas ('Blauwschokker' for example), sometimes a sturdier or taller form of support is needed. Using several long bamboo canes and pieces of chicken or … Continue reading How I Support Peas

How to Prune Autumn Fruiting Raspberry Canes

Autumn raspberry varieties fruit on the current years growth, cutting all canes down to ground level during February or March helps to direct energy where it's needed, encouraging fresh new growth (canes) from the base. The new canes will eventually bear fruit late summer through to autumn.   Here's a reminder on how and when to … Continue reading How to Prune Autumn Fruiting Raspberry Canes

How to Grow Parsnips

If you're new to vegetable growing perhaps you've found parsnips tricky to grow? So far (touch wood) I've had good results with growing parsnips so I thought I'd share some tips on how I grow them: Buy seed fresh every growing season to increase germination success, germination is generally slow. Sow from March onwards, direct into the ground (once … Continue reading How to Grow Parsnips

Planting Onion Sets

I planted the onion sets yesterday, in went the trusty Red Baron and a new variety (for me), Hercules. I always grow onions from sets, I find them easier and I get better results than seed grown onions. This is how I plant onion sets: Gently push an onion (pointy tip facing upwards) into the soil, butting it … Continue reading Planting Onion Sets

Storing Onions

Having grown onions successfully year after year with good yields, I soon realised I should learn how to store onions properly in order for them to keep for as long as possible. I learnt the hard way that there's little point putting effort into sowing seeds or planting sets, running around your veg patch like a demented … Continue reading Storing Onions