Jobs for June

I love the month of June. The weather is starting to warm, everything is growing quicker, the risk of frost diminishes and interesting looking crops such as coloured beans and squash can be planted out or sown. You may even be harvesting potatoes, broad beans and peas along with salad leaves and ripening summer strawberries. Some jobs for June: … Continue reading Jobs for June

Jobs for April

April can be a mixed bag of weather and often unpredictable, making visits to the allotment (or garden) difficult if you don't have a shed or greenhouse in which to retreat. Nights are chilly and frosts are still troublesome so don't risk planting out anything tender. There's plenty of things that you can be getting on with this month, … Continue reading Jobs for April

Jobs for February

February is the month of love and there's no reason why you shouldn't love your garden this time of year despite the weather being bitterly cold. Snow may be on the ground making gardening difficult, but venturing outside and spotting signs that the garden is beginning to wake from its winter slumber should cheer you up no … Continue reading Jobs for February