Asparagus from Seed

The asparagus that I started from seed almost a year ago is growing again, tiny spears pushing up through the soil. I’m certain they’re showing earlier than usual for asparagus, the recent hot weather probably had something to do with it. The plants are currently in large pots in the greenhouse, on sunny days I move them all outside. All being well, I will plant them out in a permanent bed, probably early next year. For now, I want them to develop a good root system.

Growing asparagus from seed was an experiment really, just to see if I could. I started with 20 seeds but only 5 germinated after approximately 4 weeks of watching, willing and waiting. The small seedlings over-wintered well in the greenhouse, they just seemed far too fragile and precious to plant outside straight away (I’d waited so long for them to appear in the first place). Being all male plants they should be prolific in the future, when they really get going.

The plants are almost 1 year olds. I can’t cut spears yet (they’re too small anyway), not for another 2 years at least, but that’s OK with me, they’re worth the wait and I’m enjoying the challenge.