Our Favourite Carrot Variety



There are so many lovely carrot varieties to grow (and we’ve grown quite a few of them over the years!) including unusual heritage types of many colours. However, our all time favourite carrot to grow that feeds us over a long season is ‘Autumn King’. This particular maincrop variety always does well for us, roots can be lifted from late summer through into winter. We like to thin seedlings for sweet tender carrots (perfect in salads) and leave the rest to mature into large thick roots.

Rich pulling carrots in the kitchen garden today
Rich pulling Autumn King carrots in the kitchen garden today, doesn’t he look happy?!

Autumn King appears to have some resistant to carrot fly too, wherever we’ve grown them they come out of the ground with minimum damage right through to winter. Deep, well-drained soil without any stones is best, we grow maincrop carrots in raised beds with early maturing varieties doing well in large deep tubs if we run out of space.


What’s your favourite variety to grow year after year?


Last of the Carrots

Autumn King Carrots

Not many carrots left now, very soon we will be harvesting the last of the Autumn King carrots. We did very well with this variety, pulling them small in the summer for sweet crisp additions to salads. Only a handful forked, mainly due to not thinning a few rows in time. This variety is definitely on the list for next season, I will do the same and not bother growing an early to save space.