Our Favourite Carrot Variety

  There are so many lovely carrot varieties to grow (and we've grown quite a few of them over the years!) including unusual heritage types of many colours. However, our all time favourite carrot to grow that feeds us over a long season is 'Autumn King'. This particular maincrop variety always does well for us, roots can … Continue reading Our Favourite Carrot Variety

Last of the Carrots

Not many carrots left now, very soon we will be harvesting the last of the Autumn King carrots. We did very well with this variety, pulling them small in the summer for sweet crisp additions to salads. Only a handful forked, mainly due to not thinning a few rows in time. This variety is definitely on the list … Continue reading Last of the Carrots


We are harvesting young carrots at the moment and very pleased with the results, no forked or odd shaped carrots to be found. Yet! We are growing Autumn King this year and decided to leave the job of thinning the seedlings until the carrots were a decent size. This way we can munch our way through young tender carrot thinnings whilst leaving the rest in the ground to mature until … Continue reading Carrotastic!