How to Prune Autumn Fruiting Raspberry Canes

Autumn fruiting raspberries should be cut down to ground level to in February or March to encourage fresh growth.

Autumn raspberry varieties fruit on the current years growth, cutting all canes down to ground level during February or March helps to direct energy where it’s needed, encouraging fresh new growth (canes) from the base. The new canes will eventually bear fruit late summer through to autumn.

Cut each cane a couple of inches above ground level.
Cut each cane a couple of inches above ground level.


This is how your row of autumn fruiting raspberries should look after pruning

Here’s a reminder on how and when to prune summer raspberries

It’s a Good Year for Autumn Raspberries

It’s a good year for autumn raspberries, how do I know? – because I’m still picking them! I grow Joan J autumn canes and they’re still exploding with huge plump fruit with no sign of stopping despite a few frosty nights. The fruits are much larger than our summer variety, being darker in colour creates a dramatic statement against a heavy grey autumn sky.

Cropping can start from July right through to October or early November, weather permitting. I notice they tend to get better and better as the temperature drops off, they’re not troubled by birds either so you get the lot.

The only downside is knowing what to do with them all!