Counting Butterflies

peacock butterfly

Taking part in the Big Butterfly Count took me out of my zoned out state of mind for a while, giving me something else to think about other than how incredibly numb and sad I feel at the moment. Since my last post regarding the loss of one of our beloved dogs, sadly my Nan passed away a couple of days ago. It was expected, she’d been terminally ill for a long while. Although I’m relieved she’s no longer suffering, my heart is crushed. At 39 years old I know how lucky I was to still have a grandparent to confide in, to be spoilt rotten by. I will miss that.

I loved listening to her stories. We recently giggled together like a couple of school girls over her confession of having had a huge crush on Stewart Granger in her younger years. She was a beautiful lady; skin as soft as silk, olive complexion and hardly a wrinkle, sparkling eyes and a naughty grin.

peacock butterfly

I spent 15 minutes counting butterflies the day after her passing, mesmerised by their beauty and grace, smiling inside, because they reminded me of her.

Big Butterfly Count 2013

Last year nearly 27,000 people took part in the Big Butterfly Count. It’s simple to do, follow the simple instructions in the video clip above and away you go! This years Big Butterfly Count runs from 20th July to 11th August 2013, but you can start recording your sightings now if you wish. Visit to download your free ID chart.

I’m taking part, are you?