Foraging Walks

We really enjoy our dog walks through the beautiful countryside surrounding the village.

dog walking

At this time of year the hedgerows have so much to offer, so our dog walks have turned into foraging walks.

german shepherd

Miss B doesn’t mind, she comes along too.

Haws, the fruit of the hawthorn
Haws, the fruit of the hawthorn


You'll find wild blackberries growing almost anywhere, these are right by the roadside

You’ll find wild blackberries growing almost anywhere. The sprawling, spiteful plants are a nuisance, but try to remember what they offer late summer.


I couldn't believe how many elderberries we found in just one area!
Elderberries heavy with juice

Syrups, jams, sauces, gin, wine, cordials and jellies are some of the things I will attempt to make with our free food, I plan to squirrel away foraged loveliness to the larder for Christmas.

Sloes, the fruit of the Blackthorn

Hazelnuts are also in season now and a great find for the forager, most probably green at the moment (but still delicious) but you could always leave some to ripen in a bowl and eat them at Christmas if you prefer. There’s a place we know of, so I guess Miss B would like to go foraging for hazels soon.

Big Plump Blackberries

Merton Thornless Blackberries

At last our Merton Thornless blackberry canes are ready for picking, well worth the wait and it did not disappoint. Whilst waiting for the berries to ripen we snacked on wild blackberries, which were very nice indeed, but these babies oh what flavour! The berries are enormous and very very tasty (Rich showing them off in the photo) not overly sweet or bitter, just perfect in fact. The best bit of course is no fear of being ripped by thorns when harvesting, I totally recommend finding a spot in your garden for one.

Hopefully next season it will put on more growth and give a bigger yield. I might be able to make a crumble or pie!