Update On Lily

Lily’s blue dancing shoes are no more. They did however see her through till Monday which is not bad considering she constantly scratched around and took her regular dustbath under the bushes. After her dressings were removed I checked her feet and they already look to be healing quite nicely. Her stitches will dissolve eventually, right now she needs them wiped over each day with an iodine based antiseptic to keep nasty germs out.

All in all she is doing rather well considering, however, it is proving difficult to administer her baytril. The problem is she no longer trusts me, after all I am the nasty woman who put her in a box and took her to a place she did not know. Tempting her with favourite foods laced with baytril is fruitless, the other hens naturally want what is meant for Lily so I have to be damn quick before they snatch it, hens are as quick as lightning where food is concerned. Obviously we are not keeping or eating her eggs while she is being treated.
 We decided to replace the wood chippings that are on the floor of the hens enclosure with straw ( the grass went a long time ago! ) to help Lily cope without her dressings. The girls are all enjoying scratching around in it, and snuggling into it now the weather has turned colder.

Bumblefoot and Lily’s Blue Shoes

One of our hens has been lying down a lot more than usual during the day, prompting us to check her feet. We discovered this morning that both feet had brown scabs in the middle of each foot pad. This, along with swelling between the toes, are classic symptoms of bumblefoot. Naturally, this was the reason for her being reluctant to stand for long periods of time. It’s such a shame, Lily does not have the prettiest hen feet in town, some of her claws are missing (presumably due to the wire cage floor she endured whilst in the battery farm) and now she has bumblefoot to contend with.

Lily was seen by a vet this morning who specialises in farm animals. She was admitted to have both bumbles removed, the vet agreed that the cause was most probably from being on wire previously. We were terribly worried about her having gas as birds can easily slip away whist under. Lily is now home and doing very well considering. Fingers crossed she continues to improve, its been a worrying day.

Both her feet are in dressings now and these need to stay in place for the next few days to give her feet a chance to heal without getting dirty, mammoth task really as those who keep hens will realise.

Rose our resident clown hen never fails to make us laugh. On our return from the vets Rose noticed Lily’s blue shoes, she lifted both her feet to see if she had some on too (which of course she does not) then proceeded to protest very loudly.