Food for Bees and Pollinators

I can feel spring approaching, I have a warm fuzzy feeling inside just thinking about it. As I begin to open veg seed packets to sow my first crops of the year, I drift away into my own little world inside the greenhouse. My thoughts turn to warm summer days rolling into hazy golden-lit evenings, sharing food and wine with friends as I … Continue reading Food for Bees and Pollinators

Uses for Nettles

How often have you spotted nettles growing happily in your garden? Once again you find yourself grabbing them by the stems with gloved fingers, giving them a damn good throttling. STOP! They're not so bad! Read on..... Now I realise how invasive nettles are, but if you can spare a patch for them in your garden they can be used to … Continue reading Uses for Nettles

Sprouts, Caterpillars and Butterflies

Some of the sprouts are ready for picking now, the rest will be ready in a few weeks time and later sowings should be ready just in time for Christmas dinner. The sprouts are looking very healthy indeed, the same cannot be said for the tops. Cabbage White butterflies were very busy in the summer with … Continue reading Sprouts, Caterpillars and Butterflies

Sunshine Spells Butterflies

  I'm loving this sunny warm weather. Its doing the chickens good, the garden is coming alive bursting with fresh spring colour, buds are appearing on deciduous shrubs and the butterflies are flying again. Last Sunday was particularly warm. We have a large patch of overgrown nettles which were attracting lots of fresh Small Tortoiseshell butterflies. … Continue reading Sunshine Spells Butterflies

First Butterfly Sighting of the Year

Due to being so busy yesterday with the hen housing preparations I did not get around to updating the blog until now. Yesterday the weather was very sunny and that can only mean one thing. Butterflies! I am totally nuts about butterflies. I spend a lot of time reading about them, identifying them, learning about … Continue reading First Butterfly Sighting of the Year