Winter Flowering Pansies to the Rescue

I decided to give the stone urn planters at the front of our property a much-needed makeover, full of weeds they looked sad and neglected. Unloved. I replaced the contents of each planter with fresh compost, planting each one with mixed red winter flowering pansies, trailing variegated ivy completed the fiery autumn look I was going for. The urns … Continue reading Winter Flowering Pansies to the Rescue

Growing Back to my Roots

Having an allotment plot has been a blessing. Not only are allotments incredibly hard to get in the first place, they're a great way to meet other local gardeners and gather invaluable tips and advice. Visiting our allotment is like visiting an old friend; it's familiar, we feel at home there, and most importantly our plot has allowed us to get on with the new growing … Continue reading Growing Back to my Roots