My Favourite Variety of Garlic

The snow and ice are no more, melted away by yesterday’s gorgeous mild weather. While I was rooting around in the soil of my veg garden this morning (oh how I’ve missed being able to do that) I spotted the Cristo garlic that I planted back in November, pushing through the soil. Garlic needs a cold spell, this month has certainly been cold at times.

I’m hooked on Cristo for its taste and performance, at the moment it’s my favourite variety to grow.

 Do you have a favourite variety of garlic?

Garlic Harvest

I spent a merry hour this morning harvesting the garlic whilst dodging the showers. I’m really pleased with the bulbs, they’re the biggest I’ve ever  grown. I planted cloves of ‘Cristo’ at the end of last year, they spent a few months buried under deep snow but are none the worse for it. Garlic needs a spell of cold weather – it certainly got that!

The bulbs are currently laid out on racks in the greenhouse to dry, when they ‘rustle’ they’re ready to store either in nets or old tights. I might plait the leaves this year and hang them.

Just as an experiment and for fun (because that’s what gardening is all about) I popped a few organic shop bought cloves in some spare ground when I planted the Cristo cloves. Here’s the result:

Yeah I know they’re small but look at that colour, gorgeous! They split well and are totally usable so I’m chuffed with them. If you’ve never grown a single veg in your life I’d highly recommend starting with garlic. Dead easy to do just pop some garlic cloves in a spare patch of soil (pointy end facing upwards) anytime from autumn to winter, just under the soil level will do then look forward to some home-grown garlic. Yummy!