Spring is Out There. Somewhere.

snow covered daffodilsI watched in despair from our living room window the arrival of snow on Friday evening. Fluffy snowflakes performing a dance of circles in a cruel wind, flickering in and out of the amber-glow cast by a lamp-post. A thick carpet of sparkling snow greeted us the following morning.

Spring is obviously struggling to shake off winter’s firm grip.

snow photos

The entire weekend was bitterly cold, sleet and light snow dominated the disappearing landscape. However, folk residing towards the North of the UK seem to have been hit the hardest.

march 2013 snowmarch 2013 snow

No allotment visits, no seed sowing. Spring daffodils shiver in the snow, reluctant to open their buttery flower buds. The Koi have once again retreated to the bottom of the pond, confused by the constant change in temperatures.

koi pond

Hurtled back into what appears to be a deep winter slumber, there are signs that spring is trying to make herself known if you look closer. Fruit tree buds are beginning to swell, Forsythia covered in tightly rolled buds will soon reveal golden stars against a brilliant spring blue sky.


We’re all dreaming of warmer days to come, the sweet fragrance of spring flowers and fresh-cut grass. Trees ablaze in blossom and the sound of buzzing honey bees.

Spring Flowers. What’s Your Favourite?

Fans of the simple but very beautiful daffodil will agree with me that every garden should be home to at least a few daffodil bulbs. You can’t really go wrong with this tough old bulb, shove them in the ground during the most miserable months and pretty much forget about them. Then, as if by magic, you’re rewarded for your lack of effort with dashes of golden-butter yellow, cheery nodding heads and blade-like leaves swaying on the slightest breeze  – whispering the song of spring.


What’s your favourite spring flower?