Poorly Hen, Egg Yolk Peritonitis and Other Problems

My beautiful Speckledy hen is feeling under the weather at the moment, it's a complicated situation not made any easier with chickens naturally hiding illness. Ginny was diagnosed with egg yolk peritonitis last summer, a condition which basically means a hen begins laying internally rather than producing eggs in the usual way. Yolks and egg matter drop into … Continue reading Poorly Hen, Egg Yolk Peritonitis and Other Problems

Goodbye Shazzy

  Shazzy, one of our new ex battery hens freed on 22nd February 2009 has been very poorly. Yesterday her condition worsened, she could not breathe easily, was gasping and making such a noise each time she inhaled it was heartbreaking. We had a vet appointment already booked for her to be seen yesterday evening, which helped … Continue reading Goodbye Shazzy