Ready Steady Sow!

I can’t wait to get cracking for the growing season ahead, I have Charlotte seed potatoes chitting away, a second attempt at peas and broad beans (potted up undercover) and my impatient fingers are still itching to sow more seed. Our soil is not a hospitable place right now, it’s far too wet and cold for outdoor sowing and a little too early to sow anything else indoors for our tummies so I made a head start with sowing flower seed.

I have quite a few packets of flower seeds to choose from, I decided to sow lupin and foxglove because they are amongst my absolute favourites. I know from experience how hardy foxglove can be if planted out slightly early also how slow lupin can be to germinate, what I’m aiming for is strong little plants to put outside as soon as conditions are right – hopefully flowering the same year too.

I will sow more tender flowers around March/April, the garden should be a riot of colour and a haven for beneficial  insects. Yay!

Colour of the Season. Yellow!


It’s all very ‘sunshine yellow’ out there in the garden smallholding. Forsythia, daffodils and spring primroses (or should that be Primula?) all competing with each other for the best and brightest shade of jaune. I just adore daffodils and was pleased to see a good number of them poking their way through the soil in January /February. I prefer the shorter wind tolerant varieties such as Tete-Tete, a strong wind is sure to arrive just as the taller varieties of daffodils burst from their buds. The garden ends up looking like a scene from a hurricane movie with sad-looking beaten up daffodils.


Which varieties do you grow?