May Peek at the Veg Garden

veg garden

This month has flown by for me and I’m quite late putting this post together. The photos were taken just over a week ago, since then, everything has put on more growth.

sweet peas
The first sweet pea flower of the year

Inspired by Charles Dowding, the four no dig beds we planned are finished (no dig = cardboard to smother the lawn/weeds, topped with a deep layer of compost), onions occupy one of these beds and doing well. Sweet pea scramble up an obelisk in another of the beds and these will soon be joined by courgettes, with butternut squash, pumpkins and beans going in the larger beds in the middle of the garden.

veg garden

Broad beans overwintered from November (‘Aquadulce Claudia’) are almost ready to pick and ‘Bunyards Exhibition’ started off in spring  are flowering already. I’m giving a heritage variety of broad bean called ‘Crimson Flowered’ a go this year, as the name suggests, the flowers are crimson and should look really pretty.

veg garden

Garlic ‘Red Duke’ is looking really good with thick necks and no sign of rust (yet!), probably the best-looking garlic I’ve ever grown. I just hope the bulbs are a decent size because the leaves are extremely healthy and leafy!

veg garden

Quick crops such as radish, mustard frills, spring onions, rocket and salad mixes are all providing plenty of pickings for meals. We grow these in containers and wooden crates. The herb patch is thriving, along with thyme plants that are doing brilliantly in a spot that doesn’t receive much sun at all. Experimenting with gardening sometimes pays off.

jaguar peas

Peas are growing strong and flowering now, variety ‘Jaguar’. More peas have since been planted out including my favourite purple varieties ‘Blauwschokker’ and ‘Shiraz’, the flowers are just as stunning as sweet pea. Sweetcorn is now in position after hardening off, I  prefer to start the seeds off in pots and keep them in the conservatory where it’s always warm.

watering can

Beets, chard, carrots and parsnips are popping up and potatoes are looking very good and almost ready to start flowering. Plenty of tiny fruits on the blackcurrant and gooseberry bushes to look forward to and the strawberries, wild strawbs and raspberries are all in flower with small fruits forming.

The veg garden looks like a proper veg garden now, the bunting is up on the shed and flowers in troughs and hanging baskets soften it. It’s hard to believe this garden is less than a year old, I’m very proud of it and looking forward to seeing it evolve and change even more over the coming months.

nasturtium in a trough planter
Nasturtium in the wooden trough will eventually spill over and creep along the gravel path.

Happy gardening everyone!





March Peek at the Veg Garden

shedAnother of my monthly peek at the veg garden posts and this time a different viewpoint on a rather dull day. Looking towards the front of the shed, I took the photo above today while it was raining. Our shed that sits in the middle of the veg garden used to look very different:


I used to really dislike it. Actually, I hated it.

After a makeover of paint (what a chore that was, not easy painting pebble dash!), wrought iron hanging basket, old stable hay rack planted with ivy, gravel paths, bee boxes, troughs and vintage items here and there, I’m finally starting to feel happy about the decision not to knock it down. The shed wasn’t designed to be a thing of beauty but I think I’ve managed to make it look heaps better, it doesn’t irritate me anymore. In summer the bunting will come out and the pots and troughs will be spilling over with colourful flowers.

Some of the jobs I’d like to get done soon:

  • Build three more no-dig raised beds, another in front of the shed and two in the middle of the plot.
  • Build a hazel archway to frame the middle of the garden (not sure yet if I can get this done this year).
  • Plant a Buddleja (or Buddleia) near the log store for the butterflies.
  • Plant more fruit bushes.
  • Make a faux window frame with planting box for the shed side wall (not pictured). I have lots of ideas swimming around in my head thanks to Pinterest