Tidying the Greenhouse


The weather was so lovely again today, a day to be outside most definitely. We spent some time tidying and moving things into the greenhouse, sweeping, clearing moss and stacking pots and trays in the places I like them to be. It’s an old forgotten greenhouse (although the automatic ventilation still works yay!) and quite neglected over the years but not anymore, we’re the brand new owners who are looking forward to spending lots of time using and loving it again. Every greenhouse deserves to be loved!

It still needs a good clean and clean it we will.


The concrete base is in good order and generous in size to accommodate the adjoining rendered shed/outbuilding, this unused space is perfect for growing crops just outside the greenhouse door in containers, such as carrots, salad and radish. The adjoining wall of the outbuilding is currently bare (and a bit ugly too), the perfect spot in which to train my pot grown Tayberry on wires to prettify and soften.


I’m just full of ideas at the moment!

Inside my Greenhouse

Ever since the hose pipe ban came into force on April 5th it hasn’t stopped raining. At times the rain has been very heavy, sometimes hail, making gardening tasks and allotment visits virtually impossible to carry out. Seed sowing outside is a definite no-no here at the moment, the soil is saturated and cold. But, my garden is thriving in other areas, everything is leafing up and looks green and lush. I’m not in any hurry to sow outside anyway, there’s plenty of time and everything will catch up eventually.

Besides, if you’re really lucky, like me, and you have a warm glass greenhouse in your garden (or at your allotment), I’m sure you have taken the opportunity to escape the heavy rain and banish ‘gardening blues’ by pottering about inside it. As a boredom buster, try sowing some coriander and rocket in pots, or edible flowers such as Calendula to brighten summer salads or the veg plot. They come up really quickly undercover. Potting on seedlings is another task that I enjoy doing inside my greenhouse, as I listen to the rain battering down on the glass roof I appreciate my greenhouse even more.

Speaking of seedlings, cosmos are coming along well and looking really healthy, peas are coming up, also kale, sweet corn, Swiss chard, coriander and alpine strawberries. Sprouts and summer sprouting broccoli have been potted on, also foxglove seedlings – one of my favourite flowers.

According to the news we’re on course for the wettest April on record (although still officially in the middle of a drought!), flood alerts have been issued in some places. What a difference to last year, hottest April on record! Mind you, water-butts are filling up nicely, this time last year it was a real chore to get everything watered and prevent trays of seedlings from being scorched. Everything seems to be thriving in my greenhouse.

From the amount of photographs in this post I think you can probably guess where I’ve been spending a great deal of time lately. I hope you’re enjoying greenhouse or windowsill gardening if the weather is bad where you are.