Four Coloured Tomatoes

hen and hammock four coloured tomatoes

The lovely people at Hen and Hammock sent me tomato seeds to try, I started sowing them in the greenhouse today. Four Coloured Tomatoes are a box pack of heritage varieties called Black Russian, Golden Sunrise, Pink Brandywine and Green Zebra, varieties I’ve never grown or tasted before so I’m very excited about growing and eating them.

sowing tomato seed

Each variety packet contains approximately 15 seeds, with a detailed description on the front and full instructions on how to grow them.

hen and hammock four coloured tomatoes

Heritage or heirloom tomatoes are old-fashioned varieties with excellent flavour, they come in many shapes, colours and sizes, quite different to the usual red supermarket tomato.

tomato seedlings

I’m looking forward to watching the seeds grow and then eventually fruit, the greenhouse will be full of interesting colours late summer.

Hen and Hammock Fertilizer T Bag

hen and hammock

I was kindly sent a fertilizer T bag by Hen and Hammock to try.

The T bag is a natural hessian bag with nettles inside, to use it simply immerse in a water butt and leave it there (using the string and stick to make it easy to retrieve), or tie the string to the handle of a watering can to make a nitrogen-rich nettle feed for the garden or allotment to invigorate your plants or veg. Keep in place for 6 weeks in a water butt and change the T bag after about 4 weeks continuous use in a watering can. It works just like making a cup of tea, all the lovely goodness seeps out of the T bag and stays in the water.

hen and hammock

Another great thing is the T bag is biodegradable (including the packaging, except the staples), so after you’re done just throw it on your compost heap. It seems really simple to use and an alternative to making your own nettle tea, which of course is simple to do too.  I’ll certainly use my T bag on my allotment next year to see how it performs.

Hen and Hammock offer a choice of two fillings; a nitrogen T bag (nettle) great for flowering plants, shrubs and salad crops and a potash T bag (sheep manure) ideal for tomatoes, beans and root crops. They’d make perfect gifts for eco-friendly gardeners!