Chickens in the Garden

It's been a while since I posted some photos of the hybrid hens, these were taken last month. Emily and Poppy, the old ex-battery hens make an appearance too. Our Speckledy hen lays dark brown eggs. She's lovely and very placid unlike the white Coral hen, she's a lunatic! Myrtle the Bluebell hen loves hanging … Continue reading Chickens in the Garden

Free At Last Hens, Four Years On

We collected six scruffy ex battery hens (our very first hens) from a Bedfordshire based hen rescue called Free At Last, four years ago today. I'm really chuffed to announce that two hens from the original six that we collected are still here, still laying when the occasion takes their fancy and most definitely still scratching up the flower beds and chasing flies. To … Continue reading Free At Last Hens, Four Years On

No Valentine’s Day Eggs for Me

Tradition will tell you that hens start laying consistently again after a winter break or slow down, on or around St Valentine's Day. Our hens are over the moult, healthy and fed a good diet, but this is the first winter that we've had no hens laying at all. It's hardly surprising really, given the girls are … Continue reading No Valentine’s Day Eggs for Me