Inherited Things

The garden is looking really beautiful this month, especially with the sun shining. I realise I hardly mention the rest of my garden, beyond the vegetable garden boundary. There’s plenty of plants and flowers growing in our 1/3 of an acre garden and we inherited them all from the previous garden owner. Our garden is what you’d call mature, well stocked and well cared for over the years. A mature garden can quickly become a jungle if left to its own devices, I’m not a great fan of neat and tidy gardens (not ideal for wildlife) but I do have to keep it under some sort of control, otherwise I’d have my work cut out with all the pruning it requires.

The old honeysuckle arch has to be my favourite part of the main garden. Unlike the rest of the shrubs and massive conifers, it doesn’t demand yearly attention and does very well without much input from me. The wooden arch is rickety, not made particularly well (I’m certain the honeysuckle holds the arch up) and leans, but I think this only adds to its charm. The honeysuckle is an old gnarly specimen, highly perfumed flowers displayed profusely in May/June, often with another flush a month or so later. Right now it’s in berry but there’s still flowers hanging on to be enjoyed.

Honeysuckle flowering in June

Alongside the honeysuckle arch hangs a fairy ornament, left behind by the previous owner. Now I’m not one for garden ornaments, but I am rather fond of this one. Covered in lichen, gorgeous colours of natural garden patina, she blows a kiss to all that pass through the sweetly-scented arch. The ornament does have its uses, we use it as a bird feeder but I imagine that’s what it was meant for anyway.

Do you have any inherited things in your garden?