Summer Harvests

We’re currently reaping the rewards from the vegetable garden, picking and eating fresh delicious food as needed. Abundant harvests such as broad beans and peas have already been blanched for the freezer.

Beetroots, courgettes, carrots and onions are just some of the lovely things we’re harvesting regularly, also herbs, salad leaves and soft fruits. I was surprised to see autumn raspberries ready to pick yesterday, just a few, they never made it to the house. Yum. Greenhouse tomatoes are forming and some of the lower trusses are just starting to colour up, being the only tomato lover in our family I get to eat them all, lucky me.

Second early potatoes ‘Charlotte’ (salad type) have now been harvested to make room for a winter crop. The tubers vary in size at harvest time from baby potatoes to quite large, this lovely lot is from 16 seed potatoes grown in a 6×4 ft bed.

After harvesting we sort through them and put the larger ones in a hessian sack to store in a dark and cool pantry cupboard, the baby ones are used up quickly in potato salads or just on their own with a little butter.

After such a slow start to the year it’s incredible to see pumpkins forming already, I can’t quite believe how well they’re doing, Crown Prince in particular. Beans and sweet corn are growing well too.

The orchard looks promising for fruit, particularly the pear trees which were a failed crop last year. In spring we replaced a plum tree we lost with 3 more plums of different varieties, looking forward to tasting these as they mature.

I hope your summer garden or allotment is rewarding you too! Happy gardening x