Hens First Day of Freedom

auntie marge

Yesterday was the new hens first full day of freedom. How did they spend it? Why, eating of course!  They certainly have an appetite and are looking a little better than they did on Sunday. We are keeping an eye on Chrissie at the moment. She bolted like a bullet from the coop this morning straight to the drinker and drank very excessively, making her crop swell like a balloon.  She seems OK at the moment, we shall see how she is tomorrow. Auntie Marge has a swollen balloon bottom, again being kept under close observation. I have a vets appointment on stand by for Thursday with an exotics specialist (chickens are classed as exotics) just in case.

brenda, shazzy & chrissie

Excuse the awful blue tarpaulin, its a temporary screen to keep next doors super models quiet. Yes, you guessed it, they are not happy. Oh no. Hand bags at the ready plus plenty of lip gloss. Witches.

shazzy & brenda

Another perfect egg in the nestbox this morning, not sure who is laying (quite frankly I am surprised that they are) but Shazzy claimed it as her own, announcing to the world that she is now a proper chicken. As you can see they are skeletal. Heartbreaking isn’t it? This is what intensive farming for cheap sh*tty eggs does to them. Disgusting!

Introducing the New Hens

Our precious cargo of ex battery hens, heading for their new life

Yesterday we collected another 4 ex battery hens from Free At Last hen rescue. They are extremely thin and very bald but we hope with some TLC  they will all blossom into beautiful brown hens,  just like our other 6 have.

This morning I found a soft shelled tangled mess in the coop, but hey ho that’s to be expected. What I didn’t expect to find on opening the nestbox was a perfect egg tucked safely in the straw. Brenda then went inside the coop and laid an egg, bit of a ropey looking thing it was but she cannot be blamed for that. These hens are truly wonderful.

They are eating and drinking well and scratching the ground. So far so good. They have been named after members of the family, left to right from the photo above we have: Chrissie, Shazzy, Brenda and Auntie Marge. 

Free At Last will be doing another rescue this Saturday 28th February. If you would like to rehome some hens please visit their website for more details http://free-at-last.org.uk/