Introducing the New Hens

Yesterday we collected another 4 ex battery hens from Free At Last hen rescue. They are extremely thin and very bald but we hope with some TLC  they will all blossom into beautiful brown hens,  just like our other 6 have. This morning I found a soft shelled tangled mess in the coop, but hey ho that's … Continue reading Introducing the New Hens

Preparations for the New Hens

Its here! Today is the day we collect another 4 hens. They will be among 140 hens being rescued by Free At Last hen rescue. We are expecting 'hand bags at dawn' type behaviour from our existing flock, so it is sensible, we feel, to house the new hens separately for the time being. The new … Continue reading Preparations for the New Hens

Expanding The Flock – More Ex Battery Hens!

For a long while we had been toying with the idea of getting some ducks, for one reason or another we just did not get around to getting any. Since moving here I have been thinking a lot lately about our current flock of hens. Perhaps its because I spend the most time with them, witnessing … Continue reading Expanding The Flock – More Ex Battery Hens!