Healing and Hoeing

I had some surgery to my right arm recently, nothing serious (I’ll be fine), but I do have strict instructions from my doctor not to do any lifting or anything strenuous. Brushing my teeth holding a toothbrush in my left hand is hilarious, it’s awkward and annoying not being able to use my right arm properly, not being able to do much in the garden is the most annoying of all.

Vintage onion hoe

I had a potter around yesterday, looking for things that I could do without over exerting myself. It didn’t take long to find a potential job, I spotted some weeds waving at me from the onion bed so I got to work on them using my onion hand hoe – in a left-handed-awkward-hoeing-motion, sort of way.

It felt good to be doing something again, once my stitches are out I can do a lot more. Yay!