Pear Tree Flowering

My Williams Bon Chrétien pear tree is in full flower, bees are flocking to the blossom and it looks a real treat. Last year my young ‘Williams’ suffered a bit from the heat, the fruit set but didn’t mature properly so I removed the fruit to give the tree a chance to recover.

Hopefully its root system can cope better this year, I’m ever hopeful to be picking pears this year.

Our Very First Baby Pears

I’m so excited! Our new William’s Bon Chrétien pear tree has baby pears, aren’t they amazing? You can really see the shape formation already. I adore pears and cannot wait to sample our very own home-grown ones which should be ready to pick by September, ripening a week or so later. It’s self fertile but pollination by another pear will maximise yield, the neighbouring garden to the rear of ours has a mixed orchard on half an acre so hopefully this will help.