Chitting Seed Potatoes

To me, setting seed potatoes out to chit heralds the start of the growing year. This year I’ve decided to grow more potatoes than I usually do (most will be going to my allotment) so there’s lots of chitting to be getting on with. I’m sticking with two favourites of mine which are Charlotte, a versatile salad type grown as a second early and Desiree, a main crop potato with gorgeous red/dark pink skin.

Which varieties will you be growing this year? Any faves?

Potato Harvest

The Charlotte potatoes are ready for lifting, oh how I love the smell of fresh potatoes from the soil. You can’t beat it. I adore the taste of Charlotte, they’re a good size salad potato and you can do pretty much anything with them. The seed potatoes had a pretty hot and dry start during the spring heat wave, a lot of watering had to be done which, I shan’t (is that a real word?) lie, was a total boring chore. They also dodged a late frost too thanks to a covering of cardboard, but I have to say I’m pretty pleased with the resulting tubers – even though the plants are much smaller than previous years.

I think I will make a nice minted potato salad today. Yum!