Easy Pickings

Isn’t it annoying when beans are missed during picking? When they’re eventually spotted it’s too late – large, tough over-grown pods that just don’t taste very nice at all, a bit ‘chewy’ is how my children would describe them. Last season quite a few of my dwarf beans went to waste due to not seeing them easily, the plants are usually short for this type of bean adding to the difficulty of harvesting. With this in mind I wanted to grow a coloured variety to make picking easier. I chose a  variety called Purple Queen, as the name suggests the beans are a beautiful dark purple colour which makes spotting them amongst the green foliage a doddle.

Sadly, the beans lose their lovely purple colour during cooking (back to boring green) but they do taste utterly gorgeous. I might do the same for courgette next season and grow a yellow variety, we all know how fast courgettes grow so I think a coloured variety to make them easier to spot would be very useful. I always miss the odd courgette here and there which then of course turn quickly into marrows. Mind you, the chickens never complain – they love a watery marrow to peck at!