Planting Salad Potatoes

I’ve been planting Charlotte salad potatoes in the glorious warm sunshine. The past few days have been quite warm, easy to forget it’s only March.

Potatoes use up a lot of space in the veg garden but I always find room for salad types. I have some Charlotte seed potatoes left over so I will probably plant another row in a few weeks time, this should help to prolong the harvest period. I missed a few plants last year, thankfully a long spell of good weather allowed me to continue digging up Charlotte potatoes well into October.

Desiree main crop potatoes are going in at the allotment next month, the growing tubers should break the compacted soil further down where it’s hard to dig.

Potato Harvest

The Charlotte potatoes are ready for lifting, oh how I love the smell of fresh potatoes from the soil. You can’t beat it. I adore the taste of Charlotte, they’re a good size salad potato and you can do pretty much anything with them. The seed potatoes had a pretty hot and dry start during the spring heat wave, a lot of watering had to be done which, I shan’t (is that a real word?) lie, was a total boring chore. They also dodged a late frost too thanks to a covering of cardboard, but I have to say I’m pretty pleased with the resulting tubers – even though the plants are much smaller than previous years.

I think I will make a nice minted potato salad today. Yum!