Inside my Greenhouse

Ever since the hose pipe ban came into force on April 5th it hasn't stopped raining. At times the rain has been very heavy, sometimes hail, making gardening tasks and allotment visits virtually impossible to carry out. Seed sowing outside is a definite no-no here at the moment, the soil is saturated and cold. But, my garden … Continue reading Inside my Greenhouse


We are harvesting young carrots at the moment and very pleased with the results, no forked or odd shaped carrots to be found. Yet! We are growing Autumn King this year and decided to leave the job of thinning the seedlings until the carrots were a decent size. This way we can munch our way through young tender carrot thinnings whilst leaving the rest in the ground to mature until … Continue reading Carrotastic!

Thinning, Transplanting and Intercropping Lettuces

The Tom Thumb butterhead lettuces now have 5 leaves, growing well but desperately in need of thinning and transplanting. Their little root systems are quite well developed so yesterday I set some time aside and got to work. This is how the rows looked before I started:   I transplanted as many of the seedlings as I could into … Continue reading Thinning, Transplanting and Intercropping Lettuces

It’s All Growing Well

Just a quickie update on the vegetable garden, sowing, seedlings and digging. We are still sowing like the clappers, all the seeds are germinating well so far, still waiting on the courgettes to make an appearance but so far so good. Tomatoes and chillies have been sown and the tomatoes have already started to sprout. … Continue reading It’s All Growing Well

Seedlings and What We Are Sowing Now

I love sowing seeds and waiting for them to germinate, be it vegetable or flowers it doesn't matter, I find the waiting equally as rewarding. The sign of life within the soil, a little green seedling looking for the light. I've had a bash at sowing sweet corn, all the seeds germinated and the young … Continue reading Seedlings and What We Are Sowing Now