And It Snowed….

Snowman February 2009

The biggest snowfall for 18 years hit most of the UK big styleee. It started last night and continued throughout most of today. London was worse affected, bringing the capital crashing to its knees. Now there’s a surprise. Meanwhile, here in Bedfordshire it was a peaceful winter wonderland.

Our daughters school closed half day as the weather worsened, our sons school was closed full stop much to his delight. I spent some time with our children today building a snowman. Although I was frozen solid and my hands and feet throbbed with  pain from being so cold, today brought back so many memories of my childhood during the long forgotten harsh winters.

Another day of snow filled fun awaits our children tomorrow, their schools are to remain closed. The chickens were soooo not impressed with the snow, I was quite concerned about them today. They are by large sheltered from the worst of it but they still sulked all the same, choosing to spend most of the day inside the coop. Only 1 egg today, says it all really.

On the vegetable front, I started off some garlic in small pots yesterday. Hurrah! I finally got something done, although I totally forgot to buy some seed potatoes at the weekend. Duh!