Sowing Greek Gigantes

greek gigantes

One of my absolute favourite crops to grow and eat is the runner bean. Usually trouble-free, runner beans have attractive flowers and are useful for creating height and interest in the veg garden, flowering runner beans look great scrambling up tall willow obelisks in ornamental gardens too.

Browsing The Real Seed Catalogue website, I was drawn to a type of runner bean I’ve never grown before –  Greek Gigantes. From the northern mountains of Greece, these beans are grown in similar conditions to our UK climate so they should do well. I expected the beans to be big, believe me, these beans are enormous!

greek gigantes

Grown exactly the same way as runners, the buttery beans are eaten rather than whole pods. Leave pods to go brown and papery, shell beans and cook fresh straight away or dry them to store.

If you fancy having a grow yourself, grab yours at

Sowing Black Krim Tomatoes

sowing seed

I’m sowing more tomatoes, so far I have 3 different varieties on the grow. Despite the unseasonably cold weather I’m remaining positive warmer weather will arrive soon. Well, you just have to really! I bought Black Krim tomato seed after seeing a very tempting photo of the fruits via Seed Parade on Facebook. The weakling that I am.

Somehow lots of other seed ended up in my order too. I’ve no idea how that happened. Oops!

seed parade

I love the clear resealable seed bags, I often find seeds rolling around in the bottom of my seed tubs so this should avoid that problem. The seed is really easy to see too, I find it annoying when small seed gets caught in the fold of paper packets. I managed to get seed I wanted a lot cheaper by snapping up some of the sale prices via the Seed Parade website

tomato seedlings

I just hope our gardening neighbour has plenty of room in his greenhouse, plenty of tomato seedlings coming his way soon!