Beautiful Spring

Our garden is a visual and audible treat at the moment, even though spring arrived a little late this year everything appears to be catching up. The huge pine trees are a nursery to many garden birds right now, twiggy nests can be seen in branches. Blackbirds are nesting inside the rockery conifers surrounding the pond, occasionally I hear … Continue reading Beautiful Spring

Spring is Out There. Somewhere.

I watched in despair from our living room window the arrival of snow on Friday evening. Fluffy snowflakes performing a dance of circles in a cruel wind, flickering in and out of the amber-glow cast by a lamp-post. A thick carpet of sparkling snow greeted us the following morning. Spring is obviously struggling to shake off winter's firm grip. … Continue reading Spring is Out There. Somewhere.

Colour of the Season. Yellow!

It's all very 'sunshine yellow' out there in the garden smallholding. Forsythia, daffodils and spring primroses (or should that be Primula?) all competing with each other for the best and brightest shade of jaune. I just adore daffodils and was pleased to see a good number of them poking their way through the soil in … Continue reading Colour of the Season. Yellow!