Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn Harvest

The sweet corn is now ready for harvesting, this is the first time we have grown sweet corn and to be honest I was not certain of any success with it. I put our ‘luck’ down to a very warm spring and early summer,  just what the young plants needed to put on steady growth. I hand pollinated the silks by tapping the tassels to release the pollen, as well as running my hands over the tassels and then over the silks. Not sure if this helped or not, the hoverflies and bees were just as interested.

For me, I would describe the taste as not that different to shop bought corn cobs, but oh, how juicy! I will certainly try and grow corn again next season, its well worth the wait.

Sweetcorn – Tassels, Silks and Pollination

Our sweetcorn is doing pretty well, the male tassels (flowers) at the top are standing proud and the female silks are starting to show. Now we are coming to the crucial time that could render our first attempt at growing sweetcorn (from seed I might add) either a tasty success or a total failure.

Wind pollination along with planting in a block rather than a row will help to pollinate the silks, but, I shall also aid nature a little and try to hand pollinate as well. Anyone else done this before? Any tips? So far I have the following advice:

Tap the tassel flower when fully open to distribute the pollen to the silks below, or, run your hand up and down the tassel and then do the same to the silks to release the pollen.


As you can see we have at least 3 silks per plant, whether or not all become pollinated is any ones guess. I have a few pollinating ideas up my sleeve (oh dear that sounds a bit odd) so I shall try different methods on different plants and see how we go.