New Year Visit to the Allotment

Yesterday I went to the lottie, the sun was shining which was a lovely break from the heavy rain and damaging winds that have been hanging around lately, surprise surprise much the same today. After spending a couple of hours hand weeding and generally mooching about (as you do), I sat on our bench made from tree logs by … Continue reading New Year Visit to the Allotment

Missing the Rhubarb Patch

As I froze my socks off in the garden today I thought about tucking into warm rhubarb crumble. This is how the Timperley Early rhubarb patch (which no longer belongs to us) will be looking around about now. I miss it. And the rhubarb crumbles I would be making and enjoying around about now..... To cheer me up we started the ball rolling for our new patch today and … Continue reading Missing the Rhubarb Patch

Forced Rhubarb is Ready

In January I forced my crown of Timperley Early rhubarb, using my rather stylish forcing jar. Stems are ready to harvest once the leaves reach the top of the forcer. The sweet aroma of rhubarb filled the air as I pulled pink tender stems from the ground early this morning. A bowl of warm rhubarb crumble … Continue reading Forced Rhubarb is Ready

Forcing Rhubarb

Last year I treated myself to a terracotta rhubarb forcer for my birthday, using the money I'd been given as a gift. The forcing jar spent much of the year nestled alongside the rhubarb looking rather stylish, eventually disappearing behind a jungle of rhubarb leaves. My rhubarb crown is just over 3 years old so I'm going to start forcing … Continue reading Forcing Rhubarb

My Rhubarb Flowered

Today I noticed a flower stalk and bud emerging from the centre of my rhubarb, I say noticed as if I were surprised to see it there, but to be honest I wasn't. I found out that rhubarb could flower by studying gardening books, I looked into the possibility because I noticed something unusual about my rhubarb way … Continue reading My Rhubarb Flowered