Make a No Dig Bed

Last weekend we made a no dig raised bed using left over wood, just a basic rectangle frame screwed together in each corner using decking screws. It measures 4ft wide by 7ft long.

making a raised bed
making a raised bed

We used cardboard to kill the lawn by excluding light, each piece overlapping the other to prevent grass growing through gaps. Tuck it underneath the frame so that it’s just showing on the outside, this prevents lawn coming through on the inside edges of the raised bed. The cardboard will rot down naturally over time.

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Lockdown Lowdown

This is an extremely testing time for us all and gardening has never felt as important as it does right now, for healthy bodies and mind. Many people are turning to their gardens for solace, even turning their gardens over to veg patches for the first time. I’m ashamed to say I neglected the vegetable garden while I worked on my allotments, and I’ve been a bit lazy since. Weeds took full advantage of my absence, enjoying a mild and damp winter. Worrying about the current coronavirus pandemic kicked me up the bottom to sort the veg garden out, the weather has been lovely since the ‘lockdown’ was announced and with plenty of time on my hands I have slowly worked it back it into shape for the growing year, accompanied by the chickens of course who love nothing better than scratching up weeds, and dustbathing!

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