Seeds and Sets

Veg Seeds

We bought our vegetable seeds and onion sets today from our local garden centre, which is great don’t get me wrong,  but I cannot help but PANIC! Flicking my eyes over the sowing and planting out times on the packets sent my mind into a frenzied panicky whirl of brambles, weeds and snow, thick heavy snow, well, thick heavy ice actually. The recent bad weather has made it difficult to continue lopping at the new bramble shoots to ground level. Some have already been cut with the foliage left in place for now. The idea is to kill off fresh green shoots to give us a bit of a head start for when we mount a full on assault, the ‘war of the brambles’.

Anyhoo, whilst shopping I spotted some heavy duty rose gardener gloves. I felt much better as I popped a couple of pairs into our shopping basket. At least our hands will be saved from the savage bramble thorns even if every other part of our bodies are ripped to shreds. Actually I don’t relish the thought of that.

So for now at least, I can get on with some indoor sowings, panic some more about the seed potatoes chitting away and have nightmare visions of bramble thorns stuck in my face.

Whoever said the good life was easy?