Chitting Potatoes at Last

chitting seed potatoes

I dragged myself away from cleaning the greenhouse yesterday and made my way to our local garden centre to buy seed potatoes and a few other things including onion sets. We’ve usually done this by now but if you’re a regular reader of our blog you’ll know we’ve been a tad busy lately with a house move. I decided to try a different main crop potato this season, a variety called Sante caught my eye. I almost changed my mind, tempted to grab a bag of faithful Desiree but I stayed strong, eventually swayed by the excellent disease and pest resistance that Sante offers. Anyway, it’s good to try something new.

Just out of curiosity, what do you do with the ‘tiddlers’? You know, the tiny seed potatoes often found at the bottom of the bag (unless you’re buying your seed potatoes loose and hand choose large seed). I have some old car tyres to stack and fill with compost just for our tiddlers, or I use large tubs. Of course there’s nothing wrong with planting them the usual way in the ground, I just like to use the smaller ones for container planting.

I’ve set the seed potatoes out to chit in large egg trays, our light and cool conservatory is perfect for this. Tomorrow I will be sowing tomatoes and chillies, the start of the new growing season is so exciting!