Jobs for May

The Garden Smallholder

May is the month when seed sowing is in full swing, space in the greenhouse is filling up fast with seed trays and pots. Hardier crops started earlier in the year should be hardened off during the day before planting into their final positions. Tender crops such as beans and squashes can be sown undercover now. If the weather is particularly fine, sow beans direct where they are to crop.

  • Sow French and runner beans either in pots (undercover) or direct, depending on weather conditions
  • Harvest asparagus spears
  • Check growth of greenhouse seedlings and water as necessary. If the weather is warm ventilate the greenhouse.
  • Sow sweet corn under glass or indoors using small pots or toilet roll tubes
  • Continue hardening off crops before planting out
  • Transplant or ‘dib in’ leek seedlings once they’re the width of a pencil.
  • Sow beetroot, kohl rabi and Swiss chard direct (depending on weather conditions). Beetroot will benefit from cloche protection.

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May in the Garden Smallholding

  May has been another dry and hot month in the main, watering continues to be a chore and a must. It has also been a rather busy month for planting, potting on and sowing, with the occasional harvest. Certain crops have excelled in the unseasonal heat whereas others have struggled a little. Chillies, cucumber and tomatoes have been … Continue reading May in the Garden Smallholding