Bugs and Bees

My allotment plot and garden welcome many species of beneficial wildlife, such as hoverflies, lacewings, bees, ladybirds, butterflies (yes, butterflies are very welcome on my plot!) and lovely little mason bees. I grow plenty of flowers throughout the year to attract them, and my organic approach to gardening ensures there will always be food in the … Continue reading Bugs and Bees

Food for Bees and Pollinators

I can feel spring approaching, I have a warm fuzzy feeling inside just thinking about it. As I begin to open veg seed packets to sow my first crops of the year, I drift away into my own little world inside the greenhouse. My thoughts turn to warm summer days rolling into hazy golden-lit evenings, sharing food and wine with friends as I … Continue reading Food for Bees and Pollinators

Snug as a Bug Box

Beneficial wildlife such as ladybirds, lacewings, bees and hoverflies are a very welcome sight here at the garden smallholding. I put a great deal of thought and care into attracting these wonderful little pollinators and pest munchers, it made perfect sense to include a safe haven for them to hibernate during winter or just escape a sudden … Continue reading Snug as a Bug Box

Frosty Morning

Brrr baby its cold outside! A hard frost descended upon the garden smallholding last night and turned it into a magical twinkling wonderland. I find frost quite beautiful, especially with low winter sun beaming across it. I spent longer than usual letting the hens out this morning, it felt so clean and fresh outside that I wanted to enjoy … Continue reading Frosty Morning

Sunshine Spells Butterflies

  I'm loving this sunny warm weather. Its doing the chickens good, the garden is coming alive bursting with fresh spring colour, buds are appearing on deciduous shrubs and the butterflies are flying again. Last Sunday was particularly warm. We have a large patch of overgrown nettles which were attracting lots of fresh Small Tortoiseshell butterflies. … Continue reading Sunshine Spells Butterflies